Since 1963, when Al Haider Family established Sulaiman Al Haj Haider & Sons Co , the main goal has been to introduce – into the market of Qatar – well-recognized,price affordable, and high-quality brands of food, beverage, tobacco, and other FMCG products.
The goal was set and will continue, as always, to keep improving our portfolio of products and to supply our customers and business partners with the best, and the latest F&B trends in the regional and international markets.
Our Vision statement:
To be recognized by our customers as:
  • The most reliable distributor in Qatar market
  • A family owned distributor with family values for which commitment is an absolute for the business relation
  • A distributor who builds a win-win business relationship
  • A proactive distributor who is capable of competing in any and all segments of the market which we server
To be recognized by our employees as:
  • An employer who values the dedication and commitment of its employees
  • An employer who guarantees a safe working enviroment
  • An employer who offers training to help all employees progress in their current and for future positions within the company
  • An employer who is dedicated to build a career plan for its employees
To be recognized by Our Suppliers as:
  • A progressive and creative distributor of their products or services in the markets we serve.
  • A distributor who, in its second generation as a family owned business, has more than 60 years of experience in this marketplace.
  • A distributor who values strongly the relationships of its suppliers, and recognizes that it is those partnerships that have helped to ensure the success of Sulaiman Al Haj Haider & Sons Co.
  • A proactive and progressive distributor who is capable to introduce any new brand, in any and all channels, and in any and all segments of the marketplace which we serve.